Love Square 2005 aka Monzetsu futamata afurederu aieki

Love Square 2005 aka Monzetsu futamata afurederu aieki

Miki works in an office. She’s dating Ryosuke and they’re happy, except Miki is also in a relationship with her college professor Tanaka. Tanaka is trying to break up with Miki because of his wife, but Miki won’t hear of it. Ryosuke has a one-night stand with Chihiro, who also has a boyfriend. The plot thickens further when both girls discover they’re pregnant, and don’t know who to name as father

Directed by…: Rei Sakamoto
Stars………: Minami Aoyama, Yûichi Ishikawa, Kyoko Natsume
Genres……..: Drama | Erotic | Pinku
Language……: Japanese
Subtitles…..: None
Country…….: Japan
IMDB Link…..:
Also known as.: Monzetsu futamata afurederu aieki, Futamata

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