Sensual world 1990

Sensual world 1990

Alternate Titles: 感官世界, L’Empire des sens
Director : Oshima Nagisa
Starring : Tenglong also, Matsuda Eiko, Matsui Kangzi, celery incense, Kobayashi Kana branch

Abe is a servant of the rich man, who used to be a red geisha in Kyoto. Ishida Kyrgyzstan is the head of the family, he took a fancy to the Arab-Israeli, Azerbaijan is also the master of the romantic dumping. At the beginning, Abe also control their own desires and feelings, take the initiative to the boss to resign, but then actually indulge in and Kyrgyzstan’s possession of the flesh of the free to extricate themselves. They eloped to a hotel, day and night to indulge in sexual intercourse. In order to achieve a higher desire to meet, the two experience the unimaginable near others meticulous sexual intercourse. When the sexual intercourse in the pursuit of pleasure close to death, the two people have been close to a ceremony, a ceremony to release sexual desire, a love and death ceremony. Finally, the Arab-Israeli set in the climax of the time strangled Jicang, and cut off the Kyrgyzstan’s possession

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