Virgin rough experience

Virgin rough experience

ALSO KNOWN AS……: 处女粗体验
Director: Okamoto Takashi
Screenwriter: Okamoto Shrine
Starring: Li Lin Li Li / Tada Jingyi / Takahashi Yang

Ordinary female college student Anxi pupil and classmate Songshan between the romance was very smooth. However, there is a pupil can not cross the obstacles. This is the pupil of the first love … she is a virgin. Pupil do not want to let Matsuyama think he is a troubled woman, a moment of emotional out of control, rented a male inflatable doll “Xiao Ming” back. After a burst of hard work and broken pupil, and finally settled together with the Songshan. Thought that all things are very smooth, but because one thing to pupil on love with a new view …

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