Four Seasons: Natsuko 1980

Four Seasons: Natsuko 1980

Alternate Titles: 四季・奈津子
Director: Yôichi Higashi
Writer: Hiroyuki Itsuki (novel)
Stars: Setsuko Karasuma, Akiko Kana, Kumi Kageyama

Natsuko is a woman of 20 who feels entrapped in her long-running relationship with another man—she wants out of a “nowhere” life and into something better. To that end, she hooks up with a photographer and poses for him in the nude—if only to break away from her restricted existence for awhile. Soon the photographer leads her to a relationship with an open-minded man who helps her along the path of individual choice and freedom. Her next relationship is with a well-known actor who is able to introduce her to an acting job—an intimation that perhaps Natsuko’s life will change after all. Given enough time and men, could she eventually run for Prime Minister?

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Part 2

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