M : A Married Woman 2006 aka Emu

M : A Married Woman 2006 aka Emu

Satoko is a housewife who lives a comfortable life with her businessman husband Hideyuki and her six-year-old son Masato. One day on her way to pick up Masato, she meets Minoru – a newspaper delivery boy who happens to be playing catch with Masato. At first glance Minoru seems to be a serious, hard-working young man. But she learns that when he was twelve he stabbed and killed his father, who was beating up his mother. He had done this to protect his mother, but instead she abandoned her son and disappeared. Minoru sees a little of his mother in Satoko, and starts to follow her around. As he does, he discovers that Satoko is being threatened by the yakuza Tawara. Soon Satoko’s husband Hideyuki senses something wrong as his wife begins to change, and comes up with some wild ideas. As passion and love envelop them, Minoru tries to save Satoko. Satoko wishes to escape, but fear keeps her from doing so. What each person feels… is it reality or just an illusion?

Year………..: 2006
Director…….: Ryuichi Hiroki
Casts……….: Miwon, Kengo Kôra, Nao Ohmori
Genre……….: Drama | Erotic
Country……..: Japan
Language…….: Japanese
Subtitles……: English
IMDB Link……: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098217/
Also Known As..: Emu

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