Yakuza In Love (1997) a.K.a Koi gokudo

Yakuza In Love (1997) a.K.a Koi gokudo

I haven’t seen all of his work, but I think this is probably one of Mochizuki’s best. In strange way, this film reminds me of trainspotting, and not just in the ample drugs, sex, and violence. We watch the downfall of a sickly and comically-inept family through the eyes of the emotionally numb Kinichi. Kinichi is simply brilliant. He wanders through this dangerous world in a heroin daze, making each life-or-death decision casually. Despite the many reprehensible actions we see him commit, he is still entirely likable. Yoko is also a fantastic character, although we’re never quite sure why she came along for the ride. The comedy runs dark, drawing from the surreality of the otherwise grim situations. The yakuza boss in his hospital gown, high as a kite, firing his gun wildly on the hospital roof; the omnipresent cigarette in Kinichi’s mouth; the negotiation of his survival from a kiddie pool in a garage. The cinematography is fantastic — many very creative uses of light and dark, and the grit of Osaka’s nether regions is beautifully captured. The mood is of wandering home, drunk, late at night, without any idea of what direction you should be going, or if there is even a home waiting for you.

Year………..: 1997
Director…….: Rokuro Mochizuki
Casts……….: Yoshio Harada, Shôhei Hino, Shunsuke Matsuoka
Genre……….: Drama | Erotic
Country……..: Japan
Language…….: Japanese
IMDB………..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0143346/
Also Known As..: Koi gokudo

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