Virgin Nightmares AKA Ninja Vixons 10 (2006)

Virgin Nightmares AKA Ninja Vixons 10 (2006)

Directed by: Masanori Inoue

Actors: Tamami Kaneko, Tsuyoshi Nakano, Jun Seto

Language: Japanese | English SoftSubs

Country: Japan

Also known as: Ninja Vixens 10

Description: Sort of a Japanese Amityville Horror, of sorts. A piss poor family move into a house where a witch was tortured and killed many generations previous. They are haunted by cracks in the wall, strange hallucinations, and something from another dimension that causes people to go blind. The gore effects are so-so but the nudity is plentiful. This is Volume 10 from the Ninja Vixens series. I don’t about the other volumes, but this one was shot on video and appears to be more of a made-for-tv series than otherwise. Did I mention the nudity…? At least it has that.

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