Unfaithful Wife: Shameful Torture 1992

Unfaithful Wife: Shameful Torture 1992

Directed by: Hisayasu Sato

Actors: Kiyomi Ito, Momori Asano, Kyôko Nakamura and Issei Sagawa

Language: Japanese (English subs)

Country: Japan

Also known as: Uwakizuma: Chijokuzeme, The Bedroom, An Aria on Gaze, Shisenjô no aria

Description:Kyoko – a member of the club “Bedroom”. His use prostitutes “hallucinations” – a drug that causes severe hallucinations and allow men to get up with them whatever. Then someone starts killing women one after the other. Kyoko begins to suspect her lover, Kei, in these killings. But everything is much more complicated.

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