Tattooed Hit Man 1977

Tattooed Hit Man 1977

Directed by: Kôsaku Yamashita

Actors: Bunta Sugawara, Tsunehiko Watase, Tetsurô Tanba

Language: English

Country: Japan

Also known as: Yamaguchi-gumi gaiden: Kyushu shinko-sakusen (original title)

Description: The most dangerous hired gun in Tokyo’s underworld has managed to trigger a vicious gang war, and now, there’s a contract on his life.

Hello my friends here comes the big gift for you a DVDrip of the ultra rare LD of The Tattooed Hitman . This very good violent yakuza movie from director Kosaku Yamashita is very special because the script was writen by Koiji Takada and american director Jack Sholder !!!! Starring one of the coolest actors of the 70’s in yakuza movies Bunta Sugawara . This movie is a hammer action packed outstanding gangster movie of the japanese yakuza genre . Bunta Sugawara as the tattoed hitman is cool as ice .

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