Playgirls 1994

Playgirls 1994

Director ……. R.D.sekar
Producer ……. R.D.sekar
Cast ……. Rajdeep,Silk smitha,Sasi kumar,Shakeela,Sheethal
Music director ……. Isai raja
Screenplay, Dialog & Editor ……. R.D.sekar
Photography ……. Jithan
Art ……. V.S.raghavan


This is a hot masala tamil movie in which two glamour queens of south India, Silksmitha & Shakeela,act together.

The movie starts with a guy named George going to prison for the murder of his wife and his younger brother. What follows is the flashback of how this happened. George is a mechanic, and also an alcoholic. He has a neighbor called Mansi who is obsessed with him. Mansi in turn has a boss named Jack who is obsessed with her. George is an adopted orphan, and in turn he adopts another two kids.

In order to help George with his drinking problem, his father also starts drinking with him. When this doesn’t work, he gets George married to Mary – which actually works, for some time at least. Mary takes George to a doctor who suggests yoga. Mary, who happens to be a yoga instructor herself, finds his cure right at home.

Meanwhile there’s still Mansi’s boss trying to seduce her, and Mansi trying to seduce George. There’s also Linda, Mary’s sister, who seduces the adopted brother.

But how does all this lead back to the rape & murders? wait for the climax…

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