Rock n roll cop 1994

Rock n roll cop 1994

Directed by: Kirk Wong Chi Keung
Writers: Bing Lou, Winky Wong
Country: Hong Kong

Cast: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Wu Xing-Guo, Yu Rong Guang, Carrie Ng Ka-Lai, Jennifer Chan Ming-Chun

Comment by lovehkfilm
Don’t let the title fool you: this movie has very little to do with rock ‘n roll other than the fact that Anthony Wong plays the guitar in a couple of scenes. In his last film with director Kirk Wong (Organized Crime and Triad Bureau), Anthony Wong played a top triad boss. In Rock ‘n Roll Cop, he actually gets to be a member of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau. To wit: he’s a good guy this time.
The film take place prior to Hong Kong’s 1997 handover and deals with Anthony Wong having to travel to Mainland China. His job is to work with the Mainland police to catch a criminal (Yu Rong-Guang) who escaped from Hong Kong and has committed crimes on both sides of the border. Wong has trouble fitting in with the straight-laced uniform-clad Mainland officers. He dresses like Bono from U2 in black jeans and a black leather jacket, and gets drunk on his first night in town. On top of that he spends a great deal of time talking about how superior the Hong Kong police are, which leads to some difficulties in the working relationship between him and a Mainland officer (Wu Xing-Guo) police.

Of course, as the plot progresses Wong and the Mainland cops come to an understanding, and even wind up helping one other in a climactic chase/shootout that’s classic Kirk Wong. Although I didn’t like this film as well as Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (see my review of said title), it’s good enough to recommend for its nice romantic subplot between Wong and singer Jennifer Chen, which gives Wong a chance to play a decent guy for a change (but don’t worry, he does slap her once). Also, the film has enough drama to carry it through to the big, bloody action set piece at the end. The more I see of Kirk Wong’s work, the more I like his directorial style. And, Anthony Wong dressed like Bono is pretty easy on the eyes.

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