Bamboo House of Dolls 1973

Bamboo House of Dolls 1973

Directed by: Chih-Hung Kuei

Actors: Birte Tove, Lieh Lo, Hsieh Wang, Terry Liu, Roska Rozen

Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: Nu ji zhong ying, Bamboo Women’s Prison, Bambusz babaház, Das Bambuscamp der gequälten Frauen, Storia segreta di un lager femminile,

Description: The Second World War, the Japanese occupied China, opening across the country dozens of concentration camps. In the middle of the action – a group of girls placed in the 13th concentration camp for women, called Bamboo House of Dolls. One of them, the wife of a Chinese partisan, who knows where the hidden gold that the Japanese wanted to take out of the country, but in order to get him back, she needs to get out of the camp – the situation is complicated by the fact that she does not remember exactly where the bars are.

Another synopsis: The film is set in the Asian theater of operations during World war. Japanese occupied China, have opened across the country dozens of concentration camps. In the middle of the action, a group of girls placed in the 13th camp for women . Formally, the film can be put in a number of WIP-films («Women In Prison»-women in prison.) This genre-many-sided, and therefore some of the WIP films are close to films such Sexploitation and Nazi-exploitation with attributes of a totalitarian situation, if the action takes place in the Nazi or Communist camp.V our cinema were also elements of WIP (in the “Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy” “Young Guard”, etc). Bamboo house looks just fine film has entangled the adventure plot and action scenes are well-posed, but not only, there is a Chinese poetry and moral imperative that distinguishes the film from similar craft. “Nu ji zhong ying” and can now be found in the any self-respecting book.
Interestingly, Birte Tove (here in the role of Jennifer), had a distinguished career in Hong Kong, later starred in Lars von Trier’s second episode «The Kingdom»

Review: Japanese concentration camp for prisoners of Chinese women during the Second World War. While the rest of the soldiers and guards raped and humiliated captives, one officer refrains from explicit violence and even as far as possible to help them. Soon, he is trying to arrange several women escape. But the unfortunate captive unaware that polite officer is actually a Japanese spy, having the task in such a way to penetrate into the headquarters of the Chinese armed forces command, using the captives escape …
That Asians have focused on “women in prison”. However, the emphasis here is not on the nude, like the Americans, and sadistic violence.

Strong Hong Kong WIP, shot one of the best, in my opinion, the directors that worked on the iconic studio Shaw Brothers, Chi-Hung Kueem. For some reason, “Bichar” he called them Chin-Hung Kueem, but that’s their problem, they admit the error still sorely much. The director also worked in various genres, in addition to here it’s WIP `a, and was Jalloh, though not all of its canons were there met, and the standard Hong Kong horror (Black Magic, worms, centipedes, etc., etc. ) and even surreal sketch, mixed martial arts on the “Curse of the boxer” featuring Bolo Yenga.

The plot of Nu ji zhong ying is nothing new in itself does not carry, and it is not the main objective for operational movies. The action takes place during World War II in the Japanese okuppirovannom China, interspersed with hundreds of camps for prisoners of war, in one of them and kept the heroine pictures. Break the film Bamboo House of Dolls can be in two parts, in fact he WIP, with a bunch of naked bodies, although, of course, their concentration in the frame is not as great as in the familiar European and American products, there is more emphasis on how to sadism more podbavit. Despite this film looks quite chaste and fresh, Hong Kong still I have not got fed up. Not without its attendant shower scene, but without lesbian merrymaking. Further twists rollicking action, is zanykat gold here and there and some of it does. Shoot, shooting, men, tusuyuschiesya in the woods, in general it’s pretty cool, and without any plot drawdowns.

One of the main roles of the highly acclaimed actor lit up not only in domestic market but also overseas – Lieu Lo. Interestingly, the actress who played the main role (Birthe Tav), then co-starred in a Hong Kong film “Gang of mini-skirts,” and then disappeared somewhere in the twenty years or so. Twenty years later, she mysteriously surfaced to my mind in a way Trierovskom “Kingdom.” I really do not know where Lars dug her, too, eh fond of Hong Kong genre cinema xg

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