Horrible High Heels 1996

Horrible High Heels 1996

AKA: Bloody Shoe
Year: 1996
Directed: Chan Wai On, Chow Cheung
Genre: Horror
Country: Hong Kong

Billy Chow Bei Lei
Lam Siu Lau
Shing Fui On
Dick Wei
Yue Hei Man
Law Kwai Ying
Siu Yuk Lung

Dick Wei stars in this grisly, low-budget Category III flick about a horribly scarred lunatic who successfully sells the skin of his murder victims to a shoe company, claiming that the stuff is deer leather from Africa. Of course, the shoes are an instant success, prompting him to expand his gruesome product stream. He strikes a deal with the voluptuous Sherry to murder two people she dislikes in exchange for sex. When she reneges, he gets really angry and a scuffle ensues, resulting in his death. When a couple shoe company workers figure out what has happened, they try to blackmail her, but the police are already hot on Sherry’s trail.

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