A Day Without Policeman 1993

A Day Without Policeman 1993

Directed by: Gwing-Gai Lee

Actors: Simon Yam, Li Yu, Kwong Leung Wong

Country: Hong kong

Also known as: Mou jing shi fen, Mo ging si fan

Description: Simon Yam plays a former big city policeman who had a very bad experince with an AK-47. So he’s been assigned duty on one of the Hong Kong Islands as a police chief of a small village. He spends most of his time drinking beer and smoking hash while daydreaming. But when a group of thugs armed with AK-47’s and .45’s invade his terrain, he must over come his fear of that weapon to save his ex-wife and his fellow officers only armed with a .38 and a baton. Can Yam save the day?

Sleazy & Ultraviolent HK CatIII shocker, starring Simon Yam as a really weak policeman who has to deal with a group of thugs armed with AK-47’s and .45’s. that invade the island where he lives.
With all you can expect of a film like this : Nudity, rapes, stabbings and bloody shootings.

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