Raped by an Angel 2 1998

Raped by an Angel 2 1998

Directed by: Aman Chang
Actors: Francis Ng, Athena Chu, Jane Chung, Joe Tak-Chung Ma
Country: Hong Kong
Also known as: Keung gaan 2 chai fook yau waak, Jiang jian 2 zhi fu you huo, The Uniform Fan (1998)

Philip became a dentist specifically, to be closer to the girls in uniform – he has this weakness. Moreover, for him is not enough the usual classic “conquest” of the girl, and he likes to rape them in order to save time and get more luggage thrills. When his next victim becomes a regular schoolgirl Jenny, her older sister, police inspector decides to catch Philip, and benefits from a charming bandit Francis Ng, falls in love.

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