Raped by an Angel Uncut 1993

Raped by an Angel Uncut 1993

Directed by: Wai-keung Lau
Actors: Simon Yam, Chingmy Yau, Mark Cheng, Jacqueline Ng
Country: Hong Kong
Also known as: Xiang Gang qi an: Zhi qiang jian, Legal Rape, Super Rape, Naked Killer 2

Nam – a brilliant lawyer, who has his own office. He seems to be a perfect gentleman, but outside of work he is changing, becoming a violent rapist. Seeing in the TV commercials of two charming girls, he moved to the neighboring apartment, and after a long preparation rapes one of them, all scaled down so that the Court justifies it. Now the second girl with triad boss decides to trap him, then to catch him on the same legal rules.

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