Days of Being Wild AKA A Fei jingjyuhn 1990

Days of Being Wild AKA A Fei jingjyuhn 1990

Directed by: Kar Wai Wong

Actors: Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Andy Lau, Carina Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: A Fei jingjyuhn, Días salvajes, Dias Selvagens, Die Biografie des Rowdys Afei, Nos années sauvages

Description: A-Fei – the name of the protagonist, who seems to be a prosperous man: women love him, he has a lot of money. But the mystery of origin, lack of clarity of the past prevents him from taking root in the present: for a man of the old Chinese culture break in the chain of generations – not a private disorder, and the root problem. Hero builds a new coordinate system: avoid the responsibilities beware attachments, avoid imprisons feelings …

Review: For me – the best film Kar Wai, who anticipated and “Chungkingsky Express” and “Mood for Love.” Show such a depth, to address all the issues of life in a seemingly simple ribbon of life of Chinese youth – it is really a talent. No need for any “Fountain” with showy deep and golden glow.

It was in this movie, all the issues of life at a glance. Loneliness, routine, a lot of love, soul-searching, the desire for harmony, early death as the only true result – all the film comes from the depth, stylish, unobtrusive, but with firmness position.

Special attention is given soundtrack. Music in the unity of the film. Well, of course, acting. Chinese actors are always able to play deep and thought, when it is needed.

So, here it is, the art cinema. Can only dream about the appearance and have anything like that. For now – enjoy the harmony Kar Wai.

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