Her Vengeance / Xue mei gui 1988

Her Vengeance / Xue mei gui 1988

Directed by: Ngai Kai Lam

Actors: Pauline Wong, Ching-Ying Lam, Elaine Jin, Kelvin Wong, Fui-On Shing

Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: Xue mei gui, Bloody Rose

Description: Ying is horribly gang-raped by five lowlives, leaving her with VD, and she plans revenge, encouraged by her blind sister, but initially discouraged by family friend wheelchair-bound Hung. She starts regardless, and those around her are gradually drawn in. These include a journalist who would be her boyfriend and Susan, who works at the same bar. Not everything goes to plan. For instance, Ying fails to kill one of the toughs after successfully burning his face with acid. Only one character is left standing at the end, and all who die, die horribly.

Review: I thought this movie is worth to be seen in the complete since it’s one of these -TOTAL HK CRAZYNESS- flicks that’ll drop your jaw.
it’s basically your tyical “rape N’ revenge” story where the victim goes on a private war. I’m normally not a fan of those trashy, sleazy Cat III movies but this one adds drama/thriller elements and is actually not all that trashy and it’s technically well done with some nice shots, you feel for the characters at the end.
the mayhem that goes on at the end is unmatched in intensity and violence – only in HK you see women and disabled people alike (mis)treated like that.

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