Eros 2004 (Wong Kar Wai)

Eros 2004 (Wong Kar Wai)

AKA: Eros
Year: 2004
Directed: Wong Kar Wai
Genre: Drama/Rated R for strong sexual content
Country: Hong Kong/ China


Gong Li, Chen Chang, Feng Tien, Luk Auntie, Jianjuin Zhou, Wing Tong Sheung, Kim Tak Wong, Siu Man Ting

Synopsis / Plot

I rather enjoy watching short films. Like short stories, there’s seldom room for more than one good idea, so that idea has to be done well–in the hands of a skilled director, this is an opportunity rather than a limitation. Eros is a collection of three such films, ostensibly sharing a similar theme.

Wong Kar Wai’s “The Hand” is the first film, and is a premiere example of what a short film can achieve. A concise story about a tailor and a high class prostitute, “The Hand” distills the love/lust theme into a beautiful, intoxicating gem. It is by far the best film of the bunch, perhaps even one of the director’s finest.

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