Romance of the West Chamber 1997

Romance of the West Chamber 1997

To start, it’s a CAT III film. So set your expectations there. You’re here looking for titillation, not looking for an epic from Zhang Yimou.

In that regard it does deliver. The female stars are attractive with natural looking bodies. They’re lithe, pert and perky, not bulbous balloons.

The story moved slowly and had a strange beginning which I couldn’t connect to the rest of the story. A lady posing as a male monk starts it off. But after she’s exposed as a female in the middle of the night by her monk buddy she and the monks seem to exit stage left, only to return at the end.

Chisato Kawamura plays the main lead and has several scenes of interest. She gets massaged by her maidservant (don’t know her name but she’s got a lovely pair, perhaps better than Chisato’s). She meets up with her lover for a grope in a storage room. The maidservant has a brief encounter with our hero where she attempts to instruct him in the fine arts of love making. He, being honourable (of course), stops before they get too far. Luckily for our audience, too far means we still get a great look at her breasts. Chisato and her lover later consummate their relationship with her maidservant looking on. All these scenes play out very slowly – looking to heighten the erotic tension I suppose. But it’s sooo sloooow that it just does the opposite and makes you reach for the fast forward button.

Nowhere near as good as Sex and Zen 2. Chisato and her handmaiden have lovely bodies to look at and for that alone it gets 5/10.

Director: Yi-Hung Lin
Stars: Chisato Kawamura, Teresa Mak, Kam Fung Miu

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