Ming Ghost 1993

Ming Ghost 1993

Yuan, Chonglu door magistrate’s wife to the husband, because of sexual desire and dissatisfaction with the people of adultery, after being found was “riding wooden donkey” lethal torture. The magistrate’s infant daughter Ah Ying (Joey Wang) is betrothed to the Wu Feng Yun. A newlywed husband Martial infant and a half months, to return home to visit Edie magistrate. Lovers in a tree halfway lots of rest. The rest, they never stepped into Edie’s county threshold.

Directors: Kang Chien Chiu (as Kong-Kin Yau) , Lu-Chuen Ye
Writers: Kang Chien Chiu, Kang-yung Tsai
Stars: Joey Wang, Lap-Man Tan, Anthony Yiu-Ming Wong

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