Girls Unbutton 1994

Girls Unbutton 1994

AKA: Bu kou niu de nu hai(Mandarin)/Girls Unbutton/Bat kau lau di lui haai(Cantonese)
Directed: Taylor Wong
Country: Hong Kong


Hung Yu Lan, Loletta Lee, Miki Ng, Elvis Tsui, Yeung Uuk Mui

Synopsis / Plot

Loletta Lee stars in another film from her Category III run. Girls Unbutton was brought to you by Taylor Wong, the director of Triads: The Inside Story. Apparently, the title of director is arbitrarily given in Hong Kong. Lee plays Jenny, a love-crazy chick who is not above chicanery to satisfy her string of uninteresting boyfriends. She thinks she finds something in gang boss Tsui Kam-Kong (What? Tsui Kam-Kong in a Category III film?), but the guy dies in a fight after some alleyway action with Jenny. She ends up meeting nice guy Leung Si-Ho, but their eventual reunion is subject to forty-plus minutes of unfunny comic devices designed to keep them apart. And, various friends of Jenny appear to disrobe and provide all the necessary softcore sex this flick needs.

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