Gates of Hell 1995

Gates of Hell 1995

Title: Gates of Hell
AKAs: Yang guang di yu zhi ren rou shi chang
Directed by: Otto Chan Juk-Tiu
Genre: Adult Drama
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese | Mandarin (dual channel)
Subtitles: English | Chinese


Chan Kwok-Bong … Cheong
James Pax … Mr. Pax
Strawberry Yeung Yuk-Mui … Yin
Danton K. Mew Chung-Kwong … Tiger
Sunny Luk Kim-Ching


A recently married couple’s idealistic honeymoon in San Francisco takes a turn for the worse when the new bride is kidnapped and forced into prostitution by a local gang in Otto Chan’s tale of martial bliss gone awry. When Cheong leaves his wife for an evening to check out a local strip bar, the newly formed “Fook Ching” gang kidnaps his lovely bride, Yin, and forces her into prostitution. In the following days, Cheong turns the Bay Area upside down in a desperate bid to find his wife and escape the mean streets of the city.

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