Emmanuelle Goes To Cannes 1980

Emmanuelle Goes To Cannes 1980

Directed by: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Actors: Olinka Hardiman, Zeta Whitehouse, Paola Farrow, Glynis Whitman

Language: German

Country: France | Hong Kong

Also known as: Emmanuelle à Cannes, Emmanuelle geht nach Cannes, Marilyn geht nach Cannes

Description: In this erotic series Emmanuel (Olinka Hardiman – Jailhouse Sex), the main character works dancer in the seedy strip club. But she had an unrealized dream of becoming a movie star.

Stripper Emmanuelle decides to conquer the big screen and for this goes to Cannes to make useful contacts. And there each cinema-maker tries to pull skater blonde in bed, but the role of the offer in a hurry.

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