Ngoh wai hing kong | Hidden Desire 1991

Ngoh wai hing kong | Hidden Desire 1991

Directed by: Fan Ho

Actors: Ji Hung Chan, Charlie Cho, Sharon Kwok

Language: Cantonese with English subtitles

Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: Ngoh wai hing kong, Wo wei qing kuang

Description: Sex, nudity, more nudity, and then some more sex–for good measure. That’s the order of the day in “Hidden Desire”. I believe this is the second in a series of 3 films that made Veronica Yip the sex symbol of her days in Hong Kong.

Review: David (Lam Kin Fai) is the child of an organization owner. He’s sitting in musing and bar over why he has bedded and remaining five of Asia’s loveliest women in these types of a brief time. He has Tin Tin Lin (Sharon Kwok) and Joey (Veronica Yip) vying for his attention. David pursues Tin, and promotes the woman but gets no place. He has a number of sessions with Joey, including one very enjoyable fantasy series in which Veronica Yip fondles a blade and is also pawed by a knight in armour (maybe not David). But Joey is only also lustful for him, so he leaves the lady. A girl known as Candy pops up out of nowhere and departs since quickly. An unnamed truly luscious babe picks him up in a disco, takes him back into her space, and he waits till she gets all her clothes down and starts dirty dancing prior to going into activity. Finally, David company is in economic difficulty and it is offered to a Japanese business. The daughter concerning the Japanese owner (Rena Murakami) goes to Hong Kong to take covering the organization and dropped in love with David…

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