Return of the Dead (1979) Xiao hun yu

Return of the Dead (1979) Xiao hun yu

Title: Return of the Dead
Year: 1979
Original title: Xiao hun yu
Genre: Horror

Director: Han Hsiang Li

Shen Chan … Graverobber Da-yan
Hsi Chang
Wei-ying Cheng … Meng Wei
Ching Feng Chiang
Huang Chin
Miao Ching
Shu-fang Chou … Radish
Linda Chu … Hsiao Hun-yu
Mien Fang … Doctor
Yue Fong … (as Yu Fang)
Ming Fung
Kung-wu Huang
Hsiang Ting Ko
Feng Ku Feng Ku … Wang Zhi-he
Ta Lei

Plot / Synopsis
Three inmates in an asylum tell their stories. Story 1, a husband and wife discover they should be careful what they wish for. Story 2, a naked female ghost gets revenge from her watery grave. Story 3, a dead prostitute returns as a ghost.

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