Pretty Woman (1992)

Pretty Woman (1992)

Plot Synopsis from Hong Kong Cinema:

For a Category III film this has a fairly complex and interesting premise. A male office worker comes back to work late one evening and sees Veronica Yip working late all alone. He proceeds to rape her and when he pushes her on a desk top she falls back on a sharp paper spindle and is killed. He disposes of the body.

The end of Veronica Yip … but don’t worry because later that night in a hostess bar he sees a hostess who is the spitting image of the woman he just killed. He comes up with the not so brilliant idea of having her imitate the dead woman and go to work the next day and hand in her resignation. Sounds good (well not really) but when she goes to do this the next day she sees the man (Alex Fong) who had saved her from being raped the night before and he turns out to be the boss’s son and so she decides to stay and continue the impersonation. Needless to say the killer is not too happy with this and to throw in another complication there are some criminals trying to sabotage the company which leads to a big gunfight.

Whew !! and I have not even got to the sex yet which is what made this a justly famous Cat. III film. The office is of course your typical work environment – men groping women in the elevators, looking under desks at women’s underwear, the personnel manager having sex on his desk, drugs in the water bottle that cause everyone in the office to shed their clothes – just the usual things that go on in every office !.

And then there is Veronica Yip. If you have admired her acting in some of her later roles in films like Scarred Memory as I have – you will find other facets to admire in this film. She is quite the knockout and is not at all shy. Her legendary bathing scene which takes place in the last ten minutes of the film (if you want – just fast forward to about the 1hour 15 minute mark) is very very impressive. According to the film Love & Sex in East Hollywood where one of the characters is modeled after her – she had some help with her assets – but god bless that doctor!

Directed by Yeung Chi Gin

Cast: Siu Yin Chang, Charlie Cho, Alex Fong, Patrick Keung, Yuet Sin Lee, Gwok Ming Suen, Ken Tong, Ma Wu, Mondi Yau, Veronica Yip

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