The Lady Punisher 1994

The Lady Punisher 1994

Directed by: Cheung C. Law

Actors: Sophia Yi, Pauline Yeung, Kim Mak Lo

Also known as: Tung chong 2 mung

Description: For reasons unexplained, the camera spins all over the place during the action sequences. All this is likely to do is make you dizzy…..
Anyway, this is almost a standard cheap rape-revenge thriller. It varies from the formula, in that the heroine has two of her own gender distracting her, and in the end, she doesn’t manage to kill all the bad guys.
Tommy Wong was brought in for star power, and he looks pretty bored, although acquits well in the fight sequences.
There’s a reasonably good serve of nudity from a number of actresses, and a few okay action set-pieces. There’s also intrigus among the bad guys.
Overall, a pretty average cheapie revenge porn

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