Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 (1998)

Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 (1998)

Also known as: Moon ching sap daai huk ying ji chek law ling jeung
Director: Kin-Nam Cho

Mark Cheng
Wai Lam
Yolinda Yam
Faan Yeung
Hung Yeung

Genre: Adventure / Drama / Horror
Runtime: 93 min
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese with English softsubs
IMDB Info:

The story begins as Ma is waylaid by a couple of wretched bandits en route to taking up the position of general in the capital city. The two would-be robbers, Cheung and Wong, turn out to be good men who have fallen on hard times. After spending some quality time with them, Ma swears an oath of brotherhood, and that he will take care of them in the future.

Ma does seem to be a good sort, though during his stay he falls for Lotus, who happens to be Wong’s sister and the wife-to-be of the conveniently impotent Cheung.

A few months later, the reformed bandits travel to the capital, and once more meet up with Ma, who is now the all-powerful governor. True to his word, Ma takes his friends under his wing, though it soon becomes clear that he is no longer the kind, friendly man they knew, and is instead now a cruel tyrant who is obsessed with crushing all who stand against him.

Driven by an awful secret from his past and his lust for Lotus, Ma manipulates and ultimately imprisons his friends in a twisted bid to fulfill his political ambitions and dreadful lusts.

The violence here is a lot more graphic than in Chinese Torture Chamber 1 (tongues ripped out, lips sewn shut, boiling wax poured into ears, leg tendons cut and a nasty scene with a hot, metal dildo slowly being raised between the spread-eagled legs of a woman and eventually into her) but we also have a few swordfight scenes where heads are cut off in a welter of spurting blood, and lots of arms are hacked off.

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