Cash on Delivery 1992

Cash on Delivery 1992

Also known as…….: Yu ya gong wu 1992, 與鴨共舞 1992
Director: Terry Tong
Writers: Kin Cheung, James Yuen
Stars: Veronica Yip, Simon Yam, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng

Review by Kozo:

Bawdy comedy stars Simon Yam as a gigolo who’s hired by Veronica Yip to father her child. He accepts, they mate, and a new life is forthcoming. However, Veronica decides she really loves Simon, and Simon’s homely girlfriend (Sandra Ng) is not too happy with this whole development. In a strange turn of events, the entire thing heads to court for some unlikely courtroom drama. And Michael Chow appears in the background in one of the most hideously annoying performances around.

This Category III comedy is remarkably tame when you consider Simon Yam and Veronica Yip’s other films, but that doesn’t make things any better. Overall, this film is hokey and average as all hell. At the very least, Veronica Yip is her usual attractive self, and disrobes on occasion. Those tuning in to check her out will likely go home happy. The same cannot be said for Michael Chow, though it’s questionable if he even has fans. I could go on, but the severe disinterest I felt while watching the film has migrated to the review-writing process. I guess that means I really didn’t care for it.

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