The Girls From China 1992

The Girls From China 1992

Title : The Girls From China (1992) (also know under the title : Whores from China)

Film’s director : Barry Lee Ying-Lok

Cast : Isabelle Chow Wang, Pauline Chan Bo-Lin, Jimmy Au Shui-Wai, Hoh Ying-Wai, Law Yun-Ping, Wong Siu-Foon, John Ching Tun, Leung Hak-Shun, Leung Gam-San, Ben Wong Tin-Dok, Cheung Tak-Wing, Leung Kai-Chi, Chan Seng-Ton, Christopher Chan Sai-Tang
Story : Chow Ying is a naive mainlander who arrives in HK, and proceeds to be preyed upon by all manner of males. She shacks up with a co-worker who owns a studio, but leaves him. Her fortunes change dramatically when she meets an old friend from the mainland and starts selling insurance. Her methods of gaining friends and clients have much to do with use of feminine charms and wiles. Chow is eventually to marry one of her clients, but the man she used to live with hasn’t let her go yet

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