Don’t Stop My Crazy Love For You 1993

Don’t Stop My Crazy Love For You 1993

A cute and peppy TV news reporter (Yvonne Yung Hung) attracts the attentions of the nice, young, psychotic next door (Simon Yam). He is smitten with her, but there is only one problem – she has a boyfriend. Kill the boyfriend, and the problem is solved, Right? Well let’s see…. The two stars can act and went on to have major careers, especially Simon Yam. Yvonne Yung Hung is genuinely charming and at the height of her beauty. The film has a decent plot, which, with the good acting, put this a cut above most Cat III material. The subtitles are famous for being unintentionally funny.

Ping Ha … Miss Ho
Yeung Ni
Yeung Ming Wan … Chiu

Michael Wong … Charlie Fok
Michelle Wong

Simon Yam … Fred Suen
Yvonne Yung Hung … Kitty Wong
Directed: Wei Tat Hon
Genre: Cat III
Runtime: 91 min
Also Known As: Dang bu zhu de feng qing
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese Mandarin
Subtitles: English and Chinese hard subed
Quality is not high but average for this type of film.

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