Sichuan Concubines 1994

Sichuan Concubines 1994

Director: Ho Fan
Cast: Ngok Hung, Chan Chung-Yung, Chung Choi-Ling, Ng Naam-Yiu, John Tai Ji-Ching, Chue Ji-Gong

Based on writer Su Tong’s novel “Poppy’s House” an adaptation.
Ku Ming Lane plays Yue hong in the film. A woman married to a young man working outside the house,an absentee husband.
He has a plan to make money by selling Opium poppies to rich tycoons.
Business tycoons like Maple Village landlord Chen Cao become drug addicts, and Obsessive widow Ma.
(Ma Mao-secret crush on the young farmer, while Mao-in Chen Cao of the arrangement, with seven kinds of concubine Cuihua borrow. Mao-in Ma and Cuihua difficult trade-offs between, the only choice vote with their feet(?) … …)

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