Hello! Who Is It? (1994) a.K.a Wei, wen bian wei?

Hello! Who Is It? (1994) a.K.a Wei, wen bian wei?

An attractive girl has become a hooker in order to save themoney for her son’s liver operation in Australia; she spends all of her free time feeding her palsied mom; then, she gets raped and accidentally killed by some randy telephone workers. Officer Ma Fai (Lam Ching Wan) investigates, and discovers that the girl’s ghost, dressed in red chiffon, is killing off her murderers with electrical cables. Ma Fai sets things straight, and even gets the girl (that is, a live one).

Year………..: 1994
Director…….: Jamie Luk
Casts……….: Ching Wan Lau, Yuen-Wah Lee, Alexander Chan
Genre……….: Comedy | Erotic | CAT III
Country……..: Hong Kong
Language…….: Cantonese | Mandarin
IMDB Link …..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111679/
Also Known As..: Wei, wen bian wei?

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