Evil Black Magic (1992) a.K.a Chu nu de you huo

Evil Black Magic (1992) a.K.a Chu nu de you huo

Wai, Ming & Chun all grew up together. When they were small, the two boys was both in love with Chun. However due to the wealth of Wai, it was easy for Chun to like him. Ming then decides to go to Nanyang to study witchcraft from a wizard. After graduation, Ming comes back to Hong Kong and asks Wai & Chun to go camping. However Ming plans everything, he grasps himself, then both of them send him to the hospital, but there is no cure for him. Ming then pleads that the only way to save him is if the wizard from Nanyang cures him. Wai & Chun pays a visit to the wizard. Chun is deceived to take some of her hair & blood to make a curse. Chun suddenly goes away. Wai has no ideas, but how lucky he meets another wizard, Sophia. While Chun takes a walk in the forest she meets Ming and sacrifice herself. However Sophia & Wai come on time to save her. Meanwhile his teacher is also there… A violent duel begins…

Year………..: 1992
Director…….: Meng Hua Ho
Casts……….: Lawrence Ng, David Wu, Ruth Winona Tao
Genre……….: Drama | Erotic | Horror | CAT III
Country……..: Hong Kong
Language…….: Cantonese
Subtitles……: None
IMDB Link …..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103964/
Also Known As..: Chu nu de you huo, Chih lui dik yau gam

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