A Dancing Boy in Underworld Street 1992

A Dancing Boy in Underworld Street 1992

Alternate Titles: Dark Street Gigolo, Black Street, Hei jie wu nan, 黑街舞男

Cheating and/or mistrusting is the law of the underworld gang, the leader Shing Fai On wants to collaborate with the gang in the Northern of Thailand to control the supply of weapon in Hong Kong, but un-expected, it is taken by new developed gang Wong Kam San, two gangs are then be an opponent.

Man Sau just back after graduation, she has a sincere sentiment with his elder brother. However his boyfriend Wah is not achieved a good respect from him, as Wah is a playboy, he even acted as a part time pimp while poor in the past. Whenever Sau Man asks him something about the past expectation, he always……

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