All Night Long 1992

All Night Long 1992

Directed by: Katsuya Matsumura

Actors: Eisuke Tsunoda, Ryôsuke Suzuki, Yôji Ietomi

Country: Japan

Also known as: Ooru naito rongu, Nyhta martyriou, nyhta ekdikisis

Description: There might be hope for cult horror fans if Japan keeps making movies like “All Night Long.” The tale of three high-school outcasts (the brainy geek, the aspiring pilot, and ‘the guy with the car’) who go after a savage gang of thugs after one of their girlfriends is raped and murdered is as lean and mean as classic revenge pics like “I Spit on Your Grave” and “House on the Edge of the Park.” If the movie moves slow at times, it’s with the good intention of developing the characters, which makes the violence of the last act more unsettling and personal. ~ IMDB1

Writer/Director Katsuya Matsumura’s All Night Long trilogy is a very controversial film series in Japan. The first film, All Night Long was made in 1992 and has a simple but rather unusual premise as three young boys at their near twenties witness a repulsively mean spirited and violent stabbing murder of one innocent Japanese girl, after which the three become friends and experience another savage act of brutality, by man to another man, which starts the hellish ride of revenge and the victims turning into beasts themselves. This theme is a very usual and great in Japanese cinema, how humans are animals deep inside but rarely has the imagery been so explicit and overall view of life so pessimistic, but still realistic. ~ IMDB2

Katsuya Matsumura’s “All Night Long” trilogy must be the darkest and most disturbing film series ever made.Unlike the “Guinea Pig” series,the “All Night Long” films have a clear message and don’t exist purely to shock the viewer.”All Night Long”(1992)is the easiest to watch even though it includes one of the most vicious and cold blooded murder scenes ever at the beginning when innocent girl gets stabbed to death.This scene is extremely violent,with blood spurting everywhere.The rape scene is quite tame for a Japanese genre movie-still the film has truly powerful and almost anarchistic feel to it. ~ IMDB3

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