My Sex Story

My Sex Story

【影片片名】:獻身 My Sex Story [中文字幕]
【影片演員】:韓國成人演員 .
【語種發音】:韓語發音. 中文字幕.
剛畢業的強秀經朋友的人事關係而順利進入大公司工作,朋友告訴他將來緊記要向恩人報恩,強秀也覺得理所當然。放工後朋友就提議帶強秀到夜店消遣,開開眼 界。朋友如常地請來了他一直心怡的小姐艾莉,嘗試向她表明對她的心意不是只為了淫慾肉體,可是,艾莉表現得極不耐煩。艾莉但求盡快完事賺取收入,於是主動 寬衣解帶,他受不了這種引誘,立刻改口說性也是很重要的,更要求接觸艾莉那帶有茉莉花香的下體部位… 而強秀則意外碰到了晚上在夜總會的兼職的同事珠熙,珠熙向他說自己是為替父親還高利貸才被逼這樣做的,要強秀為他保密。不久,強秀拜訪推薦他的恩人 ── 高理事,巨乳高理事一件到他俊美的外型就動心,強秀喝下兩杯便「以身相許」,向她報恩…..自此,強秀在公司的地位似乎更鞏固,而他跟珠熙的關係似乎 變得更密切…..,(赤裸裸的性縱慾, 本片有許多裸露鏡頭及性愛場面).
Jin-gyu, an out of work film school graduate, applies for the position of director with pornographic film company, Only for Men. The following day he is hired as an assistant director for a production called All Nude Boy, and must become accustomed to working with makeshift locations, impromptu settings, and abuse from the general public. The production’s lead actress, Sabine, becomes attracted to him, and the two end up speding the night together after a staff dinner. Later, Jin-gyu gets an offer to work on a real film for a major production company.

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