Cai Xin 2014

Cai Xin 2014

Directed by Chen Peng Chen Peng

Starring :

Xia Qing Xia Qing
Jin Xin Jin Xin
Chen Jiaxin Chen Jia Xin
Kong Kong Shen Chen
Maolin Jun Mao Lin Jun
Lin Peng Fei Lin Pengfei
Jia Ling Ling Jia
Xiang Xiang Xiang Xiang
Willow Yang Liu
Zhang Kuan Zhang Kuan


Wang Guihua is a simple village down despicably simple rural girl accidentally walked into the Zhi Lei , Ya Han, fat , Keat ‘s life, should have been in two “worlds” of different people in this accidentally encounter become a friend , Wang Guihua this name has also been transformed into a “Vivan”, originally excited vivan do not know has been involved in a very complex battle among friends, betrayal , love empathy originally calm day …… so once again plunged into darkness ……

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2 thoughts on “Cai Xin 2014”

  1. Is it possible if this site can update the movie with English subtitle? I want to watch the movie but most of movies in this website do not have English subtitled. Very disappointing.

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