Pin Shi dai 2014

Pin Shi dai 2014

Title: Pin Shi dai
AKA: 拼时代/情趣产品体验员
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 20 – 01 – 2014
Runtime: 1h 1mn
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese | English (Hardcoded)

Steven Hao / WU Qiao / Xu Jia Wei / Xu Xiaomeng / Zhang Kai / Marlee /
Huangwei Lun

New Media Film “fight age” by the Shenzhen Illusion Cinema Culture Communication Co., Ltd. filming produced, Proton World Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Shenzhen-Hong Li Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. co-produced, multi Mans Web exclusive publicity release, directed by new director ZHENG Yong-gang, LI Ping screenwriter, Caoxing Liang served as producer. “Fight Time” with little inspirational story grounded gas, a small literary temperament style, twists infection, so you are more than hilarious, subtly feel the bones of grassroots fighting spirit, people smile and a tear is a hilarious comedy inspirational .
“Fight Time” tells the story of male and female cattle Dingding and came to Shenzhen to find work in the red, hit the hardest jobs season, when cornered stem from the most world’s most Jiong Cock wire work – fun product experience staff. Both companies are arranged to produce the same suite of growing feelings that are red and have a child abandoned by her boyfriend, cattle Dingding father decided to take more responsibility, and with red registration of marriage. Although in reality cruel, hard life, but they are still a dream for families and desperately struggle, even to pole dancing, hanging bottles carrying his son to work expense. In this city, like them, there are many people who work hard, not hard life will be trampled to death, this is the reason for the fight ..

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